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Dnepro-Bugsky Wind Power Station with total capacity of 110 MW is located on the territory of Bilozerskyi district of Kherson Oblast in Southern Ukraine, it will comprise 25 turbines. The wind power station area lies in very open terrain with altitudes varying from approximately 25 m to 42 m.
For verification of the wind resource on site, a 100 m lattice rectangular measurement mast was installed and continues to measure. The site has been chosen because of its powerful wind resource, its very limited environmental impact, its proximity to sea ports which facilitates logistic issues of the project, its favourable construction conditions and local stakeholders support.

Windpark Location

Environmental and social impact

Our project should have positive environmental socio-economic impacts from the generation of clean wind power energy. The key benefit of this project is the use of reliable renewable wind power technology which will achieve significant greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) savings as opposed to the use of conventional power generation plant using fossil fuels, as well providing jobs to the local community and generating revenue for the local budget.
From a review of the available information and following stakeholder consultations no agricultural use and no persons or businesses have been or will be displaced as a result of the proposed wind park scheme
The reputable company Mott MacDonald has been selected as a consultant for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment review. Environmental Impact Assessment study at local level was performed by Birdlife International and Ukrecoconsult LLC. The development by local development company VEU (Ventum Energy Ukraine) in close cooperation with an experienced local subcontractors was done applying systematic approach for the evaluation of the project in the context of natural, regulatory and socio-economic environments of the area specifically focusing on the following:
Ornithology Telecommunications and Radar Ecology Shadow flicker Noise Health and safety Landscape and visual impacts Socio-economic: land acquisition, health, safety, archaeology and cultural heritage, labour, public health Ground conditions and water resources Waste and materials sustainability Traffic and transport Cumulative impacts
Public consultation was integral part of development process since the beginning of the permitting procedure.
For further information on environmental and social aspects of the project, see the following links to documents:Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ReportEnvironmental and Social Management and Monitoring PlanNon-technical summaryStakeholder Engagement PlanLivelihoods Restoration Plan



Cost effective


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Wind farm public presentation

We have been present in the project area, communicating with local authorities and residents of directly affected communities since 2016.

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Kherson Investment Forum

Dnepro-Bugsky Wind Energy Station LLC will present their Wind Power solutions and projects on this Kherson Investment Forum.

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